Leak Sealing is the process of injecting geotechnical materials into the positive pressure side of a leaking vessel, tunnel, viaduct, or other void area. The materials expand and completely seal the leak path.

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Typical uses: Chemical Tank Farm floors and berms, Tanker Loading/Unloading areas, Paint and Chemical Mixing or Compounding Rooms, Waste Water Treatment Tanks, Aggregate Mining and Processing plants, Processing Equipment, Acid Containment Pits, Pond and Water Feature Liners

Mechanically Fastened Flexible Seamless – A geotextile fabric, mechanically fastened with metal strips and sprayed with a seamless, monolithic polyurea liner. This system can be used in a situation where a concrete tank is saturated with process water, downtime is critical where the process can not be taken off-line to allow the concrete to be completely cleaned and allowed to dry.

Flexible Seamless Polyurea – A spray applied polyurea liner. Can be over a wide range of materials including Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Wood, Fiberglass, Concrete, or other substrates (subject to adhesion testing).

Vinyl Ester and Novolac Epoxy – High to 100% solids, high performance lining systemsTheT designed for concrete. They are semi-leveling coatings which may be applied as an aggregate filled and/or reinforced coating systems. Specifically formulated to withstand some of industry’s most aggressive chemicals, including a broad range of organic chemical (Vinyl Esters) and acids such as 98% sulfuric acid (Novolac Epoxy).